Sunday, May 25, 2014

Today was a big day. I signed up for the copyright on my new title. It officially done and in five days it will be out whew...what a relief that is.

While I was doing the final edit today, I felt like my eyes were crossing, but after seven hours and a few break downs, I managed to get it done today. Now, on to the next one...or maybe a break.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Parenting is complicated

I drove by a daycare today and on their sign it said: Parenting is complicated

It made me laugh because parenting isn't complicated it's chaos. You think when your in the diapers and bottle stages that it will get better once their able to walk, then I won't have to carry you as much. Then comes the toddler stage at which point you think nope it can't get worse than this...
Only it can, as you enter the school ages you realize that it can get worse. Now you have to deal with not only your child but his friends and worry if there a good or bad influence. Oh boy...
then comes the preteen stages *gulp* and the teenage stages...
A typical conversation for this stage is: (Yes, this is a real conversation I had with my kid.)

Little Man : "Mom, I don't want to go to school so I'm not going to do it."
Me: "Yes you are, now go put on your school clothes."
Little Man:  "But Mom school is stupid. I only have two weeks left, and I'm already failing math anyway."
Me: "What? Why are you failing math?"
Little Man : "Homework."
Me: "We do your homework every night why would you be failing because of Homework?"
Little Man : "I didn't turn it in."


I guess they didn't tell you that Teenager means that the perfect, kind and well adjusted child you used to have flies out the window to be replaced by a bi-polar maniac who thinks they know EVERYTHING!

So, parenting while rewarding in its own way is a frustrating job that gets little appreciation and more advise on how to do it, than you'll ever need...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'm posing the question how much is too much?

Today I was helping a friend with her book. She'd called me to ask if I could help her with a dilemma she was having. She felt like her book was missing something and after reading four pages I realized what it was body language. Now I'm asking my self how much body language is too much in a novel. Or is it never too much? I would like to know your thoughts on this if you reading this blog...

How much is too much body language, or is it never too much. I can't seem to think of a time when I felt that the author was talking too much about how the characters moved and what they did.

So, I'm posing the question how much is too much?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Note to established Indie Authors and new indies...

Life can take you in many different directions at once. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don't. This blog is a place for me to promote my book, as well as book I've enjoyed and a place to practice my sarcastic wit. You've been warned...(insert maniacal laughter here.)

First I would like to say that Indie Author's have a wonderful and welcoming community. That said, I have one complaint about the forums and posts I've read. There are complaints from these communities about the marketing of other indie authors, who are new not only to publishing, but also to marketing. They say that posting on several different social media sites for promos a day is irritating. Grated it is annoying to log on and the only thing in your feed is a bunch of adverts for someones book.  But I ask that these authors (who are established) to take into consideration that everyone starts at the bottom of the food chain and they want to make it to were you are. I can guarantee that when each of you stumbled into marketing your books, which you've work on for days and days, weeks and weeks, months and months that you made similar posts and blurbs about your work. So I say stop hounding the newbies as being spammers...

 Unless these people are filling up the available forums that state not to post adverts, or posting on the same pages or groups every hour (Newbies this is bad form) let them be or maybe you should help them find better ways to market themselves. There is little out there to inform new indies what is okay and what is not. It's not like these newbies where handed a manual on how to market their new ebook. They are stumbling around in the dark wondering what the heck they're doing, trying desperately to discover what your already aware of. If every established indie chose one author from their genre and took that person under their wing to show them the ropes of marketing, then the feeds would not be filled with annoying posts...

These are just some comments I feel strongly should be said because we all want to be marketing gurus and have our first book sell an amazing amount of copies, and even if it's unlikely to do that, we still want it. 

I will say to all the indies that have adopted my Facebook page you are amazing and I love that you want to support other authors work. To new authors like me I say follow the page rules, be respectful of another authors page if they didn't say it's okay to post on their author page don't, and always be aware that although you want to promote you also don't want to lose potential sales from other indies (We're all readers before authors...) by offending them with repeated posts.

Just some thoughts that were rattling in my head after reading a few posts from different authors groups on Facebook. Forgive the ranting nature of this first post...

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