Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Parenting is complicated

I drove by a daycare today and on their sign it said: Parenting is complicated

It made me laugh because parenting isn't complicated it's chaos. You think when your in the diapers and bottle stages that it will get better once their able to walk, then I won't have to carry you as much. Then comes the toddler stage at which point you think nope it can't get worse than this...
Only it can, as you enter the school ages you realize that it can get worse. Now you have to deal with not only your child but his friends and worry if there a good or bad influence. Oh boy...
then comes the preteen stages *gulp* and the teenage stages...
A typical conversation for this stage is: (Yes, this is a real conversation I had with my kid.)

Little Man : "Mom, I don't want to go to school so I'm not going to do it."
Me: "Yes you are, now go put on your school clothes."
Little Man:  "But Mom school is stupid. I only have two weeks left, and I'm already failing math anyway."
Me: "What? Why are you failing math?"
Little Man : "Homework."
Me: "We do your homework every night why would you be failing because of Homework?"
Little Man : "I didn't turn it in."


I guess they didn't tell you that Teenager means that the perfect, kind and well adjusted child you used to have flies out the window to be replaced by a bi-polar maniac who thinks they know EVERYTHING!

So, parenting while rewarding in its own way is a frustrating job that gets little appreciation and more advise on how to do it, than you'll ever need...

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