Monday, September 1, 2014

Author speaks out about editing.

I'm excited to have finally almost finished Tank's Redemption. I only have three chapters left to go. Then I can once again focus on my new vampire series, which I hope to have out in October. I'm trying to get this one done early enough to get some beta readers, to help catch typos. I have been desperately trying to limit them in my books. The unfortunate thing about being an indie author is that without the backing of a traditional publisher, there are limited safe options for editing services. There are may scammers out there who will take your money and still give you a poorly edited book. I am attempting to limit the errors, but it is very difficult and frustrating work. I typically read my work over three times looking for errors, and I have two writing partners who help with this task and still not all the errors are found. So, I ask of anyone who reads my books and has found  a mistake take the time to review with the error or send an email to my current email address posted on my website, goodreads, or at It will help me to get better at finding these mistakes. I have a list that I search for on every title now. It's a list composed of commonly made mistakes that appear in my work. Just in case you were wondering editing services from creditable sources with references can be any where from 1500 to 5000 dollars for a single title. That for a single mother is just not possible. Although, I want to get to a place were I can afford to have all my books edited at this time it is just not possible. So, I ask you to forgive an author wanting to share her passion for writing entertaining stories with the world for being imperfect.

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