Saturday, April 4, 2015

Have you ever?

Have you ever said something that wasn't meant to be rude but found that after thinking about it for a while it was. I did that and I felt mean. I have been ill for a while (Asthma) it is driving me nuts and I had a person ask for help. I over helped in a mean way and I feel kind of bad about it. I took my frustrations with a situation out on a bystander. I have apologized but I wonder will it matter. She's a friend of a friend. I find that I am now unsure as to whether I would forgive a person for getting snappy with me if I didn't know them. Would I forgive them? Or would I accept the apology and still not care for the person much? After all this wasn't my their fault and I was just being a bit moody. Its food for thought and maybe apologizing isn't enough. I guess it depends on how forgiving the person is.  So I will now have to refuse to help when feeling B--chy and this makes me feel like a meany butt because I have always been a person who helps others when I can. Why? Because I feel strongly that if people help others the reward for them is greater than the reward for the other person. If I give a dollar to a homeless man and he goes home to his six figure home and I go to my five figure one I will never regret it. Why because I felt good for helping out someone with less than me and it's on them if they took advantage of that. So back to the first part of this post. I guess I am just saying when in a mood don't help because it might cause you to do something mean even though you had the best of intentions... 

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