Saturday, June 13, 2015


Found out today that Thor 3 will have a new love interest for Thor...This makes me so sad because why do we portray love as fleeting when it should be everlasting for these types of characters. If we can't get true love in a fantasy world how can we ever expect to find the real thing in life...Just make them stay with the same woman for longer than a few minutes...even if the comics didn't work that way I want that love that can see the Super Hero through his life give me the fairy tail!! 

Okay sorry folks just felt like venting lol... now here's another teaser from Uncovering her Secrets: 

A hour after she slammed the door to the bedroom she walked out of the room feeling relaxed and happier. She followed the sound of male rivalry and cussing into the game room to find all three of them playing a video game.
“How are you three going to protect me while your goofing off?” Tina asked. Three heads turned to her for a second before snapping back to the game.
“The grids up. No one is getting in here without the alarm going off.” Brent told her while shooting at someone on the screen without looking up again.
“So you are sure that no one can bypass those sensors?” Tina asked her voice skeptical.
“Yep, we wired them underground.” Brent told her. “Ha, take that you son of a bitch.”
“Shit, bastard! How did you get behind me?” Lawrence asked.
“Easy you weren’t paying attention. I told you that you suck at this.” Brent was laughing and Lawrence was scowling at the screen. He’d managed to run from Brent’s character but he wasn’t looking happy. Tina didn’t get their fascination with these games.
“What about animals?” she asked wondering if she’d be protecting herself if the mob showed up because these three yahoo’s were too busy playing video games.
“Animals shouldn’t trip the alarms and if they do we’d know. The alarm sends a double pulse when an animal is sensed and a steady vibration when something bigger like a human is sensed. Or a bear. Only none of those pulses have happened today so we’re good.” Brent said looking at her again before turning back to the screen to see his guy blow up. “Fuck, Mitch you bastard I wasn’t looking.”
“Didn’t tell you to look away and in a combat situation that would have gotten you dead just like it did this time, Bro.” He laughed and Tina wondered why they all took this so seriously. Brent sighed and lay the controller down.
“Look sweetheart. It may seem like we’re not handling your safety but trust me we have this under control. I can show you where we’d be if the alarms had gone off. It might ease your fears to know about the safe room anyway. Was planning to show you it later, so that you’d know where to go if something happened.” Brent stood then stretching out his back by leaning from left to right.
“What about giving me a vibration thingy and I can just go there myself in case you guys are too busy to check on the alarm.” Tina said still a little skeptical that they were taking her safety seriously.
Brent looked at her as if she’d lost her mind and she didn’t like that look so she glared at him. He just took her arm and led her from the room. “You think for even a second I wouldn’t go into lockdown mode if you were in danger?” He growled as he dragged her down the stairs towards a door off the kitchen that led to another set of stairs. He tugged her down those too. She stumbled a bit her hands landing on his shoulders and her breath escaped in a quick pant.
“Well you guys seemed a little engrossed in that game you were playing.” Tina snapped her eyes flashing fire at his back as they came to the bottom of the stairs.
Brent let out a growl and jerked her into a steel doorway shoving her into the room. He slammed his palm over a panel on the wall and the door slammed closed with a loud click then he was in her space. His lips were inches from hers and his dark eyes burned, his arms on either side of her head pinning her in. She didn’t want to be trapped against the wall and tried to shove his chest to push him back but he didn’t budge.
He leaned into her his breath brushing against her lips his voice a dark husky vibration that sent shivers racing over her body. “I’ll ask you one more time, Baby. Do you think for even a second I wouldn’t protect you with my life?”
His eyes burned into hers and his hands beside her head trapped her against the wall of the room she was now locked into. Her breath began to come in light pants because his scent wrapped around her and she was suddenly so wet she almost felt like she was drowning. His lips hovered above hers still and she realized he was waiting on an answer.

“I don’t know Brent. You seemed really into your game.” Tina told him angry that she was so turned on. Her body was betraying her and all he had done was trap her against a wall and breathe on her.

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