Thursday, August 20, 2015

Animal Passions Update:

I'm sad to say that despite mine and my editors best efforts this book will be postponed a second time for a small amount of time. It's finished but she is still working on the edit of Animal Passions. Because I have told you several dates and so far have not landed my title finished and completely packaged on any of them I will not be giving a date only saying that it will be this month for sure. She went out of town briefly and didn't get past ch 12 with the editing. We'll have to forgive her she was supposed to have this month off from editing but when the book was delayed due to my surgery she was gracious enough to say she would do it during this month. smile emoticon

If you want to add your emails to the book release notification list on my website I will be sending out a "It's finally here" email the day I publish and it is available for purchase. At Amazon and B&N. iBooks take longer and should be out at the end of the release week.
Ps: I never sell emails or send more than two notifications in one month. Normally only around the time of release and if I run a special promotions. I do them rarely so you shouldn't have to worry about being bombarded with email updates.
Any who Happy Reading!!

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