Thursday, March 31, 2016

Protecting Her Heart- Release date Update April 21st 2016

Okay folks, I know I announced that my current work in progress will be out on April 15th but it's going to need another week I think so I am now shooting for the April 21st as the date for Protecting Her Heart because the book just isn't where it needs to be. Sorry for the delay but some early beta reads showed some issues with the plot/flow of the book that I know need to be resolved before it's published. 

Hope my wonderful Readers can understand that I want to put out a great book you will all love and thats the reason for this delay!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Claiming Racheal

Finally finished with Claiming Racheal update...

Book is up at Amazon and customers who already have the book should get a notification that they can update their versions sometime soon. They considered it a MAJOR update this time so yeppie. LOL You never know if they will or not when you submit it to them for review.

Edit added 20000+ words so check it out...

Taming Lucca was also updated and likely after I finish this book I will work on getting Catching Trick Updated next. Two down and only four more to do...LOL

Monday, March 7, 2016

Doing a giveaway for anyone who hasn't purchase Taming Lucca

This is an Amazon giveaway for anyone who hasn't yet tried my Red Devils MC series...
See if you can win a free copy of Taming Lucca...

New Release! Saved by the Devil

Out Today at Amazon!  Should be out tomorrow at Kobo and Nook! Don't forget your copy Read it today! Amazon US  / Ama...