Thursday, July 7, 2016

Death Ride and Information on Release date

Hello my lovelies... I have some sorta not so good news. My title Death Ride is going to be delayed until later in July. I could tell you it was because of circumstances beyond my control like it has been in the past...(surgery, grandmothers death/illness, book not being quite where I wanted it...ect.) but the truth is I have been a very naughty writer over the past three weeks. (I feel the truth is the best policy ALWAYS) I have been doing other things and not writing because I needed a break and some down time. I have written a book every two to three months for two years now and have begun to feel a little burnt out... I love writing don't get me wrong but sometimes everyone needs some down time. I am hoping that being the wonderful group of people I have enjoyed getting to know online you will all forgive me for my procrastination and understand that it's almost finished just not on time like it should be. Thanks for all the support and it shouldn't be long before you can read Death's and Jamie's story... Just for being so bad later today or early tomorrow I will give you guys another scene to tide you over till I can finish this lovely book.

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