Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Owned Releasing May 20th, 2017

Tessa Holden has known since she was ten that her family wasn’t normal but she never thought she’d be able to leave them and their crazy idea’s behind her. Not until her grandmother dies and she is suddenly given the opportunity to discover what the world outside the insulated compound she’d spent her life trapped in will hold. Now she’s riding motorcycles and attending bonfire party’s but will she run from the darkness her family warned her about or will she learn that sometimes the darkness is worth the happiness it can bring?

Tyler ‘Buck’ Fenton wasn’t the same when he returned from Afghanistan and the sweet innocence of the life he’d lead before was gone. Joining the Grave Diggers MC saved his life but it also meant he wasn’t on anyone’s nice guy list. The club was his life until a woman with a sassy mouth and eyes the color of emeralds walked into his world. Now all he wants is to show her how good the life outside the ivory walls she’s live behind can be. Only when the darker parts of his life rear their ugly heads he will have to choose—to keep her or to keep her safe.

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