Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Random Thought #2

When writing at times you don't realize that the story is bigger than you first thought... Take my latest title for instance. I thought it was a novella 35000-45000 words at best. Yet as I am writing the story the characters grew and grew and suddenly I'm already at 45000 words and still have 4 chapters to finish. That's what writing is about learning to go with the flow of the story and adapting to the needs of each character to tell his or her story through the authors works... It's odd to explain to someone who doesn't write and I get looks sometimes that make me think some people might believe I have split personality when I talk about the characters as real people. To a writer they are real people. We give them life by deciding that they're a loyal person, or a sketchy person, or a religious person, or a shy person and so on... it means that they're not allowed to be suddenly out of character. A shy person isn't going to hop on stage and take over a rock concert out of the blue... can they adapt and learn to be bolder? Sure, but they can't get a personality transplant in chapter 12 without first working through their shyness with several painful steps in chapters 1-11. So yeah they have to be real or books wouldn't make sense...

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