Sunday, July 23, 2017

Random Thought #3

Sending your book off to a new editor for the first time is nerve racking and a bit scary. Mostly because you don't know them and just because they have references and a website doesn't mean they're going to do a good job. Its a scary idea for any writer who works with an new editor for the first time. Editing is expensive and we want our books to be well received and that means hiring a good editor so that Fan's aren't disappointed. 

It's just nail bitingly nerve wracking for the writer...all the many things that could go wrong. What if they sell my work? Or if they don't edit it well and I have to pay to have it edited again? Or what if they take way longer than they say they will like weeks or even a month longer? 

What do I do about any of these situations? The answer kids... nothing to do but wait and see that's the most disturbing part. Hopefully it will end in the sense of relief I get after finishing a project that I allow myself to revel in for a few weeks before diving into a new project .

I will just have to play the waiting game and hope everything goes well. Ugg, I'm really bad at that by the way....

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