Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Caught - Grave Diggers 1.5

This might be live and it might only be 2.99 cause it was supposed to be a short one but somehow ended up being about the length of a Red Devils book... 


Margo Dexter is done with whiny men and her mother’s expectations. Meeting a man like Gunner Jones was the last thing she had planned. He isn’t like other men she’s known and he understands her in a way no other person ever has, but she’s broken. Can she allow him to heal her or will she walk away from him when her fears get the best of her?

Gunner Jones was the last guy you would expect to see at a church picnic. He was part of the Grave Diggers MC after all. He was used to hard riding and naked flesh, not button-ups and church dresses. Finding a woman he wanted to keep in a crowd like that wasn’t likely. Only that’s exactly what he wants once he gets a good look at Margo. Now she’s all he can think about and is everything he wants, but can he heal the damage that’s already been done to her heart, or will their love be doomed from the start?

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