Saturday, August 26, 2017

More information about my new Zombie series

Good News!! Broken Tomorrow will start on September 5th as planned...

In case you missed the email with the teaser introduction here it is again. Remember if you haven't already signed up to get emails or marked my blog as a favorite you will be missing out on the start of the adventure. There will also be an opportunity to vote on what happens in the story as well as if they story should be made into a book or not... (Psst this is almost a guarantee because I am thinking this would make a great 3 book series but I will see what the response is before I decide for sure.)

The beginning…

   It started in the summer when the heat rose up off the pavement in hazy waves of steam. The air was filled with the sound of children’s laughter and the sweet scent of barbecue on the grill. Time seemed to pass slower because the days were long and the runs were short. The club had more than two hundred members at the time, and life was good. No one expected the horror that hovered on the horizon. The first reports blasted across the country and were met with disdain and disbelief. Summer was supposed to be filled with laughter and redneck slip ‘n slides, not death and destruction. 
   Infection, that’s what they’d called it in the early days. It was the word used to describe the horror that caused friends to murder friends and strangers to become families. Those were the days when everyone thought there would eventually be a cure, but that was only a pipe dream. It couldn’t be stopped and none of the experts expected the infection to get out of hand. They didn’t expect it to morph and travel so easily from area to area, they thought they could contain it but they were wrong. 
   Now it was a game of survival and the Crimson Blades MC had always been good at surviving, even when shit hit the fan and the world went to hell.


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