Monday, August 7, 2017

Random Thought #5

Bikers and Zombies...

I am starting a series on this blog about the Crimson Blades MC. They're a group of bikers who are fighting to survive in a world gone mad. The series is the story of "Jeb" Jebediah Blackwell the Crimson Blades vice president. 

The story will follow him through the first three chapters of the zombie apocalypse setting up the world he's trapped in. I want to see if the series will garner enough attention for me to write a book. In order to have the story be converted into a full length novel I will need readers to comment on the series so that I can gage the amount of attention it's getting from readers. 

The series will start on Tuesday September 5th. There will be another post on Thursday September 7th. Then every Tuesday and Thursday after that I will be posting pieces of the story. 

If there isn't a lot of attention by fans of the series I will likely end it after ten chapters posted. A cover for the series will be posted next week.

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