Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Random Thought #8

I've been sick for a week now and will likely be sick for another two or three weeks on top of that... 

So funnnn times right? Nope not really. I would much rather not be sick and just go to work or take my time writing my books but my body has decided that isn't in the cards for us and it kinda blows LOL

Okay enough depressing complaints about my silly immune system that's gone into overdrive for no apparent reason other than to annoy the crap outta me...

Lets talk Zombies or maybe snipers lets see.... so started the Zombie story and it's been fun writing about my version of what the world would look like after the deadheads take over LOL... that's what they're calling them in my book anyway. I'm also starting to introduce Blair (who's a major badass I might add because hello who could be good enough for Pansy other than a badass right???) and figure out how she manages to get the drop on the poor badass bikers who can't believe a woman got the drop on them much less that she managed to kick their asses in the first chapter of the book... LOL :-)

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