Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Broken Tomorrow - Chapter 3 Pt 1.

Chapter 3

    Jeb wiped the sweat from his brow, his eyes flowing over the men who were crouched down behind the trailer with their guns ready, glancing around to be sure everyone was in position. When they’d built the blockage on the road, they’d also cut holes into the welded panels that were under the trailers for situations just like this one. He and Grit had wanted to be able to defend the compound from anyone they’d led down this highway.
     Jeb looked up, Tim was perched on top of one of the trailers with the missile launcher resting on the lip of the metal shield, waiting. Jeb knew that he was chomping at the bit to shoot the heavy military trucks barreling towards them. Jeb had stationed men along both sides of the road waiting on these sons-of-bitches to get close enough to bring the fires of hell raining down on them. Satisfied everyone was ready, Jeb headed over to the ladder and climbed up to grab the other launcher, feeling a bit of glee himself.        He was ready for these cult bastard’s to be taken care of. The last time they’d come across them, they’d lost four good men and he was damned tired of losing people. He moved across the top of the trailer, halting next to Tim. Jeb didn’t waste any time and took his place before lifting the second launcher to rest it on the ledge in front of him.
       His gaze scanned the horizon, noting that Scratches’ group was closer. They were almost to the white line that they’d sprayed across the road so they had an idea when to launch the missiles. Once their people were over that line he knew it wouldn’t be long before the cult crossed it too and that was when they launched. The club obtained the missiles from several military bases that first year when shit hit the fan. Tim glanced at him grinning. Jeb’s eyes crinkled and despite the situation he smiled a little, because he knew using these missiles made the man giddy. Tim loved his heavy artillery and the club rarely used them because they knew that once the forty they had were gone, they weren’t going to be finding more. They knew the chances of them discovering a military mother-load that hadn’t already been raided was about as likely as finding the cure—zero percent.
     Jeb focused on the task at hand, his eyes trained on the road where their people were just starting to pass over the line. The bikes crossed the white line first, closely followed by two Dodge Rams and the semi, with a couple more men on bikes pulling up the rear of the little caravan. He waited with Tim beside him ready to shoot the missiles at the assholes who were insane enough to join that stupid cult. He wasn’t concerned about killing anyone who joined the Grinder’s, because if they were in that cult they were already dead inside. He’d met men like those bastards before the fall of the world and he knew that the only good fanatic, was a dead fanatic. Jeb felt sweat trickle down the back of his neck as his finger hovered over the trigger.
     “Get ready.” Jeb called out to the men who had their weapons trained on the cars, ready to take out anyone who survived the two missiles they were about to launch. He watched as the bikes zoomed around the back of the semi trying to get ahead of the group, they knew they didn’t need to protect the rear of the caravan anymore.
     “Now,” Tim hissed, and shot his missile at the two heavy trucks in the front.
     The hissing cry of the missile was piercing as it slid out of the cannon and zoomed toward the cars. The missile exploded in a shower of red fire, as one of the trucks went airborne flying forward, almost clipping the back of the semi they were trying to protect. Fuck that had been close, good thing the riders in the back had moved to the sides of the truck, otherwise they would have been hit. The second truck flipped on its side and was skidding to a halt in the middle of the road, forcing the other trucks to slow down. One of them tried to plow through the truck, apparently not caring about their comrades possibly being alive inside the vehicle. Not that this surprised Jeb, he knew the idiots had no respect for life, but it was always fucked up when they proved time and again, how stupid they were. Jeb hit the trigger on the launcher he held, aiming for the truck on its side, hoping to explode the oncoming trucks with the gas propellant from the one on its side.
       His eyes tracked the missile as it barreled into the truck on its side, watching it explode with fire erupting again, engulfing the truck and the two it slung backwards. One slammed into the barrier so hard that the trailer they were on shook a little. Damn, that was going to be a bitch to fix once they were done killing these assholes. Jeb watched as one of the last three trucks came bursting past the military trucks despite the fire that lit the front of their vehicle. He realized that it wasn’t a military truck, but instead was some kind of moving truck. He felt a pit in his stomach because he had a really bad feeling about that truck.

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