Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Random thought #11

Today I will talk about the best laid plans and how they can get derailed by life...LOL

We've all been there you plan to go to the store only five other things pop up and suddenly it's three hours later and you still haven't gone well that's what happening with my latest book.... Every time I sit down to finish the last few chapters something comes up. I having been on chapter 20 for almost a month now and still haven't finished it which is very frustrating since I promised my readers it would be out in December SMDH

For a writer to have no time to write is a very frustrating experience... and I wish that I could say it wasn't going to happen again but we're back to best laid plans and their derailment LOL...

So I plead with you all to bear with me while life keeps knocking me around trying to tell me I don't have time to be a writer like I used to be because its going to make me run here there and everywhere for doctors appointments, family emergencies,  and pet issues.... sigh when that all calms down I will be able to finish this book and the next and the next LOL cause I am a writer and it's what we do even when the creative muse is being difficult and the world seems stacked against us... 

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