Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The RED DEVILS MC is back!!

It's finally out!!

Just hit publish on this little beauty today...

Don't forget your copy at amazon, nook, or Kobo

Gabriella Davey
Falling in love wasn't meant for me. I was broken and my world could never be remade from the shattered pieces of my life. I couldn't breathe most days and when I could, I didn't feel anything at all. How do I fix something that's been torn to shreds by all the pain blasting into my heart like fire burning through my soul leaving behind only ashes? I didn't know, but I need to find a way back somehow. Only I can't seem to step away from the edge of darkness. Then there's Pretty Boy, he waits for me, I know he does. He watches me all the time and I can’t seem to look away from him. My heart wants him, but with my broken soul how could it possibly work between us?

Pretty Boy
My club was my family since the day I first left home, at sixteen. Nothing had ever had a single chance in hell of coming before that family…until her. She was raped and tortured till her soul was broken into a million pieces, but as I watched her heal, I knew that she was everything I wanted. Every hard edge I had was smoothed out by her very existence, and nothing would ever be the same for me. She didn’t know it yet, but she belongs to me. Body and soul, broken or whole, she’s mine and nothing or no one will ever take her from me while I still have breath, and that includes her nightmares.

Living with Autoimmune Disease...

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