Thursday, January 31, 2019

Working on the second book: The Devil's Mistake

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Brody “Rage” Jameson has only ever loved one woman. He never thought he would ever leave her side once he finally made it home. After spending three glorious nights in her arms, his world shattered and he had to leave her. He was always planning on coming back for her once he had everything sorted, only he returned to find her living with another man and pregnant. With his soul ripped out and his world spiraling, he sank all his anger into the Devils Arms MC. For years he was content to be a part of the MC. Now she’s walked back into his town and his life. From the moment he first lays eyes on her he knows damned well he won’t walk away a second time. Zoey was about to find out she’s always belonged to him, and a devil never makes a mistake twice.

Zoey Fredricks thought she’d found the love of her life at sixteen. Two years later he went off to the Army. She waited on him to come back for six years. Three nights of bliss was all she got before he disappeared on her again, leaving her pregnant and alone. Her heart in shambles from the accusations he threw at her when he finally decided to show his face left her lost and confused. Now five years later she was coming back to her hometown to start again. It was a hard choice, but she’d do anything for her son, even if it meant she had to face his father.

It should be out in March 2019 (As long as the muse doesn't change it's mind again hahahahahahha)

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Book: In the Devils Arms

Start the new year off with Michelle Woods newest title now available at any of these

Serenity North didn’t plan on walking into a warehouse and finding the sexiest man alive, but she did. Meeting Phoenix Brentwood wasn’t a love story written in the stars. From the moment they meet he’s annoying, demanding, and quite frankly a pain in the ass. Which begs the question, why does her heart beat faster whenever he’s near? Even more importantly, what will her family say when they learn she might be content in the Devils Arms?

Phoenix Brentwood never cared about anything more than his brothers in the Devils Arms MC. They were his life and he’d never questioned his place with them. Only sassy Serenity is filling his mind with thoughts of her and the need to keep her safe is all consuming. What will he do when she finally surrenders? Will he figure out a way to protect her while still doing his duty to his brothers in arms, or will he end up leaving the only family he’s ever known?

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