Reaper Unleashed Book 1
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Sandy Knox ·

I tried to post my review on my Nook and through B&N three times but it wouldn't take it so here goes for the last time. I FREAKIN LOVED THIS BOOK!! When I first saw it I wasn't sure if I wanted to read it or not. I liked the description but your only option was to buy it. No sample to read and no reviews.( Now I know why.) But I decided to give it a chance and I am so glad I did. When I started reading the prologue it says it takes place in the year 2075 and I thought OH HELL NO! I don't like sci-fi. But once I got into the book it reads just like present day. Okay, short and sweet. I laughed out loud, and cried a little, but the suspense got so intense I didn't want to stop long enough to go to the bathroom and almost peed my pants. Lol. If your looking for a great love story with gorgeous bad ass alpha bikers, a woman who seems sweet and innocent but is really a kick ass spitfire who will protect her family at any cost, a little boy who will melt your heart, and some wet your panties set your crotch on fire sex then I EXTREMELY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO EVERYONE! AND MICHELLE, I would REALLY LOVE to read more about the rest of the Blue Bandits MC PLEASE!!

Red Devils Books 1-3
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Book 1:
Dayreader Reviews rated it really liked it

Michelle Wood's Taming Lucca is not the conventional MC read. Michelle creates a dystopian world, where a natural disaster has divided a city between the rich - known as the Hillies, and the workers, known as the Slums. A wall protects them from a lawless land outside. Set in 2072, the lawless lands are divided into small towns and ruled by motorcycle clubs - families - that abide and protect with their own laws. Some are ruthless, but some are just trying to survive.

Molly is a mechanic and lives day to day in the slums. But she was lucky. She had a boyfriend, a Hillie, and it seemed she would be moving up; until she was set up and sentenced for a crime she didn't commit. The punishment - to be banished and cast out into the lawless land. Alone and scared, she tries to navigate through a world she's never seen.

Lucca "Bone" Brighton, is the President of the Red Devil's MC and does not do relationships. But something about the little spitfire, has him taking her home, putting her under his protection, and wishing she could be his.

Michelle is a new to me author, and I believe this was one of her first books. I loved the concept. Futuristic world, complicated class system, distrust of the unknown. I do wish the author had expanded on the dystopian aspect of this story and the wide-eyed innocent wonder of being on the outside of the city. There where a few grammatical errors, but the story was original and good; and I could not stop reading it! Michelle Woods is an author that I see on the rise and I'm looking forward to reading the next in this series. (less)

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Book 2

Kendra Wynn
it was amazing this is the third book I have read by this author and I am a fan! it's not like the rest of the biker books i have read it was interesting when I first read about the storm wiping things out and the water being poisoned! that's not something I have heard of before! I really have liked these books so far and I am excited to read about trick and the rest of the mc memembers

Book 3
Lily rated it really liked it

Katie has been in love with Trick for as long as she can remember. He is the sexy big brother of her best friend, the only problem? He doesn't know she exists out of the 'brother' role he has given him self and refuses to see her for the woman she has grown to be. Increasingly frustrated that the one man she wants refuses to see her, Katie decides enough is enough and it is time her heart moved on. Only when trouble arises and an old enemy returns to scare and hurt Katie, Trick is the one that steps in to protect and maybe just maybe her heart will get what it has always wanted. Trick!
Trick has always been aware of Katie but also aware of the fact he is older and a lot harder than she is. He does his best to stay away and remember that she is his little sister's best friend and not some whore he can screw and walk away from. When the club discover someone is out to hurt Katie, Trick can't help the possessive and protective side that shows. No one will hurt or take Katie away from him! But with all these new feelings arising in him and the club started to have trouble off another club again, can Trick really keep Katie safe and admit what he has always felt for her? Or will it be to late?

I love this series and really enjoyed this installment. My favorite is still number two but this comes close second. I love, love, love the boys of this MC and love how the story is set. It is refreshing from most of the MC books out there although it keeps the same sort of basic rule most MC books have. I can't wait for Tanks story, he has been my favorite throughout!! Katie and Trick are a good match and strong characters. At first I thought 'oh god! another walk over lead female' but as the book progresses you see the strength Katie has and admire her for it. Trick you just want to scream at through most of it but he is so love-able there really is nothing more you can do but forgive him!! Not a lot of drama from the stalker plot but loads when it comes to the couple and their budding romance. It was great to catch up with 'the family' and see how everyone is getting on and I hope there are loads more books in this series! (less)
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